VitteTaxTax manager to fellow Indians
VitteScopePersonal finance in corporate style
VitteStatDynamic mortgage calculator
VitteDocsDocument strategy suite
VitteDynamicsCreating enterprise-wide solutions
VitteGuideRetail market intelligence
VitteProjectsDeveloping powerful solution
VitteCareHandling application maintenance
VitteCloudProviding end-to-end Microsoft cloud services
VitteConsultProviding progressive advice on future ready technology
VitteTunePropelling the dead-slow application
VitteTransSeamless migration of legacy applications

Welcome to Vitte-possibilities

Building intuitive software products and providing niche technical services to corporate and common person.

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Vittena is authorized by Government of India as an E-Return intermediary and represented by our corporate auditor. We are approved entity to e-file income tax returns on behalf of individuals.

Vittena is empowered by Microsoft’s Bizspark start-up program, our product strategies have been perused and as a result we are able to leverage our development using Microsoft’s latest technology stack.

Microsoft’s cloud – Azure provides highly scalable and secured data storage and hosting facility. Our applications are professionally hosted in those data centres. Downtime in Azure is meagre.

Envisioned to create and magnify technological competencies for native and multinational enterprises, Vittena is positioned to build, manage and promote innovative & optimized software products and services. Effective result oriented methodologies and industry best practices are considered and embedded in all our product portfolios.

Vittena, incorporated in Chennai, India is empowered by Microsoft’s BizSpark start-up initiative. Equipped with effective infrastructural capabilities and efficient dedicated resources, Vittena is committed to deliver niche technological products & services in cloud platform with dedicated client servicing. Our abled resources with a strong urge to provide simplicity and durability in all our products are Vittena’ s assets.

We possess varied domain expertise brought from our responsible advisors and mentors who have proven respective industry insight and wisdom to drive innovative intuition and foster creativity within Vittena. All our products and services are built to provide value enrichment and promote social responsibility in today’s common world. Our Vitte products offer thoughtful user-experience with a strong belief in human interaction making Vittena an exclusive brand.