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“Manage your Personal Finance in Corporate Style” is the central concept of VitteScope.

This solution for peoples’ pecuniary operations has been designed with various key factors in mind, such as, enabling you to manage your financials and investments in corporate style and aiding you in decision making. The core objective is financial motivation – a systemic value addition.

Have you ever imagined yourselves to be a corporation, perhaps not?  Why not think something new! Consider yourselves and your family as a corporation and take control of your new corporation’s financial position on a dynamic basis by auto-tracking and auto-analysing. Experience the difference of being akin to a trustworthy corporate and carry out systematic management of your finances and investments in a corporate style.

Corporations track their business from a very micro point to a big picture. Lot of analyses go in to maintain growth trajectory and efficient management of the capital involved.

This is the concept we have applied in the design of VitteScope, a product of Vittena Analytics. The corporations do record their daily transactions. So also, your daily transactions are the only data entry required from your end; all the rest will be taken care of by VitteScope.


“Inscribing the Intellectual Mirror”:       We strive to bring-in a self-imposed motivation by carving and impelling the concept of Intellectual Mirror – every learning, observation and listening shall be virtually reflected on the wisdom mirror, the human mind, and create a brand new idea out of the reflection to fulfil our vision: that is our mission.


“Vittena envisions itself to be a unique Corporation of global repute that will develop cutting-edge technology products on a par with the time, for a systematic and holistic development of an individual or an enterprise by adding an intrinsic value and motivating intellectually, financially, decisively and humanly for a noble cause.”