VitteTax is a proprietary Income Tax e-filing platform for any responsible repetitive tax payer in India and NRI or a first time tax filing individuals offering you seamless and hassle-free filing for annual Income Tax return.

VitteTax is a unique cloud based tax planning & filing management tool offering you the exclusive method of financial planning for your personal tax management.  All sources of personal income and expenses are consolidated by varied methodologies providing a systematic way to plan, manage & fulfil your personal income tax.

Positioned to serve all tax payers in India, VitteTax offers an intuitive design and sophisticated personal interaction making it a wholesome tax planning and filing management tool. With diverse embedded approach of recording all the sources of income and expenses, VitteTax Manager utilizes proven tax planning principles to provide the most economical approach for saving your hard earned money.


Authorized by the Government of India

Accountable to the Income Tax Department of the Government of India, we are authorized to file taxes for individuals, in bulk, on their behalf. Our software has been vetted, tested and approved by the Income Tax Department.

Detailed and Quick Filing

VitteTax allows individuals to file their taxes in two different modes in a simplified tax filing procedure for the benefit and convenience of all assessess

Detailed Filing : Answer simple questions and file your own returns

Quick Filing : Upload your Form-16 and provide us with your bank details for refund, VitteTax takes care of the rest.

Nominal annual fee

An annual fee of Rs 280/- allows individuals to file unlimited revised filings per PAN through the year. Individuals can plan and file taxes for this fee. The fee is nominal and competitive as compared with other players in the market.

Become an agent and earn your share

Become an agent and file returns on behalf of your friends and family, we charge an affordable structured fee based on your client base. You can assist the country by helping your family and friends file their taxes in an easy and convenient manner and make an income for yourself.

Automatic collation of tax paid and employer data

Data entry need not be manual. Our collaboration with the Income Tax Department allows us to populate data about your employer details and any tax paid in advance. Be rest assured that all the data that is already available with the Income Tax Department will be incorporated.

Track your Refund & ITR-V (acknowledgement) status

Value added services let you track the refund status and ITR-V status automatically every time you login. Our simple interface helps you stay up-to-date every time you log into our service.

Advantages and Benefits

Provides expert advice on any area of personal taxation

All aspects of personal taxation comprehensively covered. The question and answer modules ensure that all elements of personal taxation are covered in full scope.

ITR – 1 & 2 fully covered

Covers Capital gain and Capital Loss. Foreign Income and tax paid outside India covered. Royalty income, Agricultural income, Income from clubbing provision taken care.

Fully Complies with Income Tax Act 1961

VitteTax functionalities comply with Income Tax Act 1961, including 2015 budget announcements. Notified amendments are included. Any future amendments will be automatically incorporated.

Provides macro indicators

Visual indicators are included to track optimum utilization of exemptions and deductions. Infographic charts provide macro indicators.

Hassle free saving and filing of income tax

Tax Saving by means of answering simple and easy to understand questions. Detailed inclusion of all sources and utilization of fund. The work flow is streamlined by a menu driven approach for easy understanding and navigation.

Detailed review & easy editing

Every information provided by you will be presented for your final check and review in a very elaborate manner. Such provided details can be edited by clicking on to respective link. You can print the review information for your records.

No more missing out of eligible exemptions and deductions

The tax manager ensures that all applicable questions are covered so that all eligible exemptions and deductions are fully accounted for; you will not be under-privileged and can optimise tax saving and use those savings in alternate investments.

Planning tool to reduce the tax liability

India’s first interactive tax planning tool with rich features will help to make informed decision on reducing tax liability and promoting alternative investment ideas. You will be able to see how much tax has been saved by using VitteTax and your hard earned money. The detailed Analysis, reports and information helps for better utilization of the funds.

Alternative investment strategies

VitteTax’ s tax planner – Analysis & Recommendation functionality gives you precise action points to optimize your tax planning and various other investment avenues that will bring down your taxes to further lower level.

Intuitive and intelligent recommendations

The tax planner module uses intelligent engine to automatically perform the gap analysis in your current state of planning and comes out with intelligent and precise action recommendation. Upon your instruction, our servers can automatically email tax planning statements to your inbox.

Adaptive for employers and individuals

VitteTax’s target audience are Salaried individual, Pensioner, Self-employed, NRIs, Persons seeking foreign employment, Our tax manager is equally applicable to both employers and individuals. Corporates need to use the Agent login to include its payroll employees and individuals can login using simple process. We can also provide customized APIs to integrate corporate payroll systems with our VitteTax manager, this service is available on a need basis.

Our technological competence

VitteTax has been developed by our competent in-house team under Microsoft technology stack and empowered by BizSpark start-up program. Quality of delivery is paramount for us.

World class data security

Microsoft cloud – Azure, Godaddy security envelope and Citrus secured payment gateway ensures that at all times your data is under great care, suitably backed-up and protected.

Less than 20 minutes for filing

Time is of the greater essence, the user experience has been designed with lot of insight to minimize user inputs and easy data entry. Wherever possible, data has been collated directly from the Income Tax Department servers.

No more issues of technical jargon

VitteTax’ s simplified question/ answer module can be easily understood by any common person. All technical jargons are handled internally. Just walk through the menus and file your taxes like professionals do.

Recommended checklist for filing

In order to further simplify the filing process, we have provided a list of essential documents those may be kept ready prior to proceeding for filing. The information from these documents can be directly entered on to the application when you choose the Detailed Filing route.

History of previous filings

VitteTax provides facility for filing your income tax returns retrospectively from the financial year 2013-14 onwards. All filed returns will be available for your viewing and printing any time within your login. For every assessment year changes in income tax rules are incorporated through our rules-engine automatically.

Simple interface & smart tool-tips

Great care has been taken to ensure that the user interface is less straining for the user’s eye. VitteTax’s interface closely conforms to W3 (World Wide Web) Consortium colour specifications. For the quick reference of users, smart tool-tips are incorporated for immediate help.

Residential details calculator

This module is particularly useful for Mariners, Aviators and persons on foreign employment to calculate precise status of residence. If the user is unsure of the residential status, dates of entry and exit to/from India needs to be entered from the passport.

Advance and self-assessment tax details

Our tax planner will assist you in arriving at the best estimate of your tax payable. You may choose to pay advance tax based on the output of tax planning statement and need not keep any record. VitteTax internal service will fetch all those details and populate in this module.

Promoting tax collection and helping build a greater India

As a duty-bound and responsible citizen, pay your taxes in time. Direct your tax savings into profitable alternate investments, therefore you are helping with all forces to build a prosperous and greater India. Join us in realizing the Vision India 2020.


  • Any number of revision per year per pan
  • Free Tax planning tool
  • Free Support / updates
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  • 2 to 10 customer – Rs 250/- per filing
  • 11 to 50 customer – Rs. 225/- per filing
  • 51 to 100 customer – Rs 200/- per filing
  • 101 to 200 customer – Rs. 175/- per filing
  • >200 - Rs. 150/- per filing
Are there any other benefits to managing my taxes?

When your tax history is clean and all your financial documents are in order, you are in a better position to expedite credit facilities from banks or other financial institutions. It also gives you a clear chit in case you are summoned by the authorities.

I’m paying taxes. Do I need to file my returns as well?

Filing one’s tax returns is required by the law in India, and paying your taxes is not enough. It also helps you claim back any deductions you are eligible for.

What is TDS?

TDS is Tax Deducted at Source, and is usually deducted from the taxable portion of your salary before it reaches you, every month. This is usually mentioned by the company on tax documents.

What is ITR1?

ITR1 is the Income Tax Return Form that every tax paying Indian citizen is obliged to submit to the Income Tax Department before the specified date.

What is Form 16?

Your Form 16 is a document issued by your employer that contains information about the tax deducted at source from the taxable portion of your income.

Am I eligible to pay tax?

If you’re an individual who earns via salary, house rent, business, profession, hobby and your income is over the taxable limit, you are eligible to pay tax. You needn’t worry about it as VitteTax will do this for you.

Why does my money have to be ‘white’?

‘White’ money is considered to be money that has been earned legally, and for which you can account lawfully. You can ensure that your money is white by declaring all your assets, paying taxes and filing returns on time.

Should I file my returns even if there isn’t anything due to me?

You should, as it is required by law.

I have inherited some money. Is that taxable?

No, inheritance is generally not considered taxable.

When is the Financial Year in India?

The Financial Year or FY, also called Previous Year or PY is the period from April 1st of this year to March 31st of the next.

What is VitteTax?

VitteTax is a proprietary e-filing platform in India to help ease the process of paying taxes and filing returns.

Is this an app?

VitteTax is a Software as a Service (SAAS) model, cloud based tool which means it can be managed from anywhere – your workplace, your home or on the go.

Who can use VitteTax?

VitteTax can be used by any responsible tax payer, whether they are salaried individuals, pensioners, or self-employed people who want to save tax and manage their finances sensibly.

Where can I download VitteTax from?

The beauty of using VitteTax is that you don’t need to download or install anything at all. Being of a SAAS model, VitteTax is accessible from any desktop or mobile device.

How can I access VitteTax?

You can login to VitteTax here: For easier access, you can create a launch icon on your device.

Why should I choose VitteTax over a professional tax planner?

A professional tax planner will also offer services similar to ours, but at a very high price. VitteTax charges a very nominal fee of Rs. 180, and we are accessible round the clock, 24×7.

I have multiple sources of income; can I include all of them in VitteTax?

Yes, you can. VitteTax has provisions for entering multiple sources of income and specifying their type, so your tax benefits can be calculated accordingly.

Do I have to enter my expenses as well?

VitteTax has provisions to enter your expenses, as well as take snapshots of your bills and receipts. This will help to determine your eligibility for any kind of tax deduction.

What about losses I have entailed on my investments?

VitteTax takes care of that too. For proper and thorough tax management, you need to enter your capital gains as well as capital losses, and VitteTax offers a provision for the same.

I don’t live in India, can I use VitteTax?

Yes, you can. VitteTax is available for any responsible Indian tax payer, whether he’s a resident or non-resident Indian.

What if I still have a query that isn’t covered here?

We have tried to make this FAQ section as comprehensive as possible, but if you still have an unanswered tax-related query, please mail us and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.


Your decision to choose VitteTax promises to provide the most efficient tax planning and filing suite when compared to any human advice. All the methodologies used in this most interactive tax manager are compliant with Income Tax Act 1961. The consolidated reports can be previewed giving users a holistic view for prudent decision making along with the expert advice at the user’s disposal and convenience.

However, should you have any kind of query or need help in understanding the use of VitteTax, please contact us either using the adjacent form or directly from Vittetax application

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